About Me!


My name is Kayla, and I’m a junior at Bridgewater State University. I’m majoring in Corporate Communications, and minoring in Public Relations and Graphic Design.

I’m not your average 20 year old – but what 20 year old doesn’t say that? It might be hard to differentiate between all of us, but please poke about at will. You’ll soon see that I have many quirks that make me different from the rest.

I am open about who I am and the kind of struggles I face – it shows that I am human, but also that I am strong enough to overcome the difficulties of humanity and rise up to every challenge life throws at me. I have depression, but that has not and will never stop me from getting what I want. Even when things look bleak, I have support from many loved ones that pull me back to my feet.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to things I care about. My work, whether it be schoolwork or otherwise, is priority. I have to have things absolutely perfect or they are disappointing and I consider it a failure. I am critical of myself because of this – it’s a problem I work to fix, but I also cherish it because my eye for details is trained. Along those lines, I’m a control freak. If I can’t trust someone to do the job the way I tell them, then I have a hard time letting them do it. This is also a problem I work to fix, but I also like the benefits it’s brought me in terms of judging the characters of others.

I enjoy fun, don’t let the above fool you. My favorite place in the whole world is Walt Disney World, and dream of the next trip I plan to take (May 17th, 2015 – the day after I graduate undergrad!). I am a huge bookworm, and you’ll often find me with my iPad kindle app open and my eyes glued to the screen. If you happen upon me and this is what’s going down, please gently bring me back to life – I startle easily.

I play World of Warcraft. Yes, that nerdy MMORPG game. Why? I don’t really know. A lot of the other players are mean and critical, but Blizzard has such an amazing fantasy story line to the whole thing that I absolutely love (there’s the bookworm in me). It’s fun and can de-stress me pretty quickly.

I am in the PRSSA – Public Relations Student Society of America. I have struggled through the past two years of college to try and understand where I want to go in life. My experiences with the PRSSA have taught me that PR is my calling, and I intend to become a master of the profession. I want to be world-renowned as the best of the best in Public Relations. I’m chasing success, and with each skill I learn and expand on I get closer and closer.

Despite the PR aspirations – I’m an INFJ (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving). Being an inrovert and going into PR might seem like a challenge, but in actuality I’ve got it all under control. I enjoy my quiet time, but I can mingle and socialize like any extrovert.

I have a wonderful boyfriend of 4 years, and I absolutely love dogs. My music taste ranges from metal to EDM, but please – no country. I’m a pretty picky eater – if anything looks or smells weird, I refuse to eat it.
Follow me on Twitter! @klemay123. I also manage another blog, Dosage of Daily Inspiration. Please feel free to check it out, especially if you ever need a good push or help back onto your feet.


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