August 4th, 2010




This is a blog post about my wonderful boyfriend.

As you read this, I’m spending the day with him in Boston and having an amazing time.

We’ve been together 4 years (give or take). Why give or take? We had a rough patch around our 1 year anniversary, resulting in a month-ish break and we now use this date, when we got back together, as opposed to our original anniversary date. Why? I don’t know.

We met in middle school – we know it was definitely Italian class in 7th grade, for sure. We have a feeling we might have been in 6th grade geography together, but we don’t remember for sure. Back then, we barely knew each other. He was just some kid that hung out with stupid guys and he never said anything in class. I was that girl who had a couple friends and pretty much ignored everybody else.

He also claims I made fun of him in our Italian classes 7th and 8th grade. These are downright lies. He just talked at the wrong times.

We didn’t talk at all in the 9th grade (truth be told, I kind of forgot he existed).

In 10th grade, he had a locker near a friend of mine. My friend and I would chat between classes there, and he would sometimes say something. He always got an immediate “Shut up, Pennelli” or some snarky remark. I was really mean to him in 10th grade.

Summer between 10th and 11th grade (Summer of 2009) was when we started actually talking, and then started going out. I had no feelings for him when he first asked me out (I feel horrible!). But obviously, things have changed.

Part of me says “Oh my god, 4 years! Where did the time go?!” and another part of me says “Jeez, that’s it? Only 4 years?!

Here I was thinking I’d be the crazy cat lady (but with dogs instead).

Nope. I have a fantastically amazing boyfriend who I know would give me the world if I asked for it (or he’d try to, anyways). Good thing I’ll never ask for it. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s hardworking, and he’s a great cook. He’s tall, dark (during the summer, anyways) and handsome. He may not be going to college, but that isn’t a problem for me. He enjoys working with his hands and being in a trade. It’s what makes him happy, like PR makes me happy. Not everybody needs a college degree to do well in life.

I am the luckiest girl in the entire world. We have some people that don’t agree with our relationship, because we’re too young, and neither of us have been in many relationships prior to 2009 (we were 16, big deal!) but we don’t need experience in other relationships to know what makes us truly happy. We’ve had many long discussions about what we want out of life. A lot of it has changed over time: when he was 16, he wanted to be a cook, and I wanted to be a teacher or child psychologist, for example. Plenty of other things have changed.

But as we’ve grown up these past 4 years, we’ve grown up together, rather than grown up apart. We share all of the same ideals and goals in life. We both want to live a certain way, raise kids a certain way, grow old a certain way. We both enjoy similar things, and those things we don’t enjoy together, we still discuss and educate each other. He loves cars, and I don’t understand much about them. But he talks my ear off anyways, and I find myself learning from it. He doesn’t understand my need to constantly be attached to my iPhone, and thankfully doesn’t roll his eyes too much when I am.

It’s the little things that count. We don’t see each other very often (parents now live in different towns, plus I live on campus during school) so we make the best of the time we have. It isn’t easy. But it makes it so worth it.

I wish everybody could have this kind of relationship – the world would be a much better place.

Thank you, Michael, for being so freaking amazing to me after all these years. Here’s to many more.