New Blog?! Woah!


New Blog?! Woah!

Yup, I finally got an idea for a real, meaningful blog. I’ll still post to this one when I have some silly blog ideas, but that one will be a daily blog posting. I hope you all will check it out! (However, I won’t start an actual post until tomorrow).


I know inspirational blogs are way overdone, but my goal is to make mine a little different, and more exciting. Why should you follow it? Just check it out, and you’ll see. 


Have a lovely day. 🙂


Just a Quick Blurb


Just wanted to post about my awesome new theme. The balloons kind of got in the way of the posts, which drove me bananas. So there’s this new theme!

The picture is one I took on my first night at my most recent trip to WDW of Wishes. I absolutely love it.

Hope you guys think this new layout looks nice. I do wish I could change the colors on the sidebar (I’m not really an orange kinda person) but that’s a paid feature and I’m just too poor to do that right now.

Have a lovely day!

Modern Day Gladiators


Okay first of all: Don’t ask me where I’ve been, here’s your answer: I’ve basically just forgotten all about my blog until just recently. 

I was at the Bruins’ games this past Stanley Cup Playoffs/Finals (don’t talk about it, the wound still stings) and while I’m sitting there screaming my head off for my black and gold guys to win, I realized I had a blog, and an idea for a blog post.

If you’ve ever been to a hockey game, it’s really unlike any other sports games. Baseball games put me to sleep. I’ve never been to anything other than a high school (American) football game, and that was boring. I’m going to assume pro/semi-pro games are too. Basketball, again only high school, and that was okay. Even the high school hockey games were intense (and that was not just because I was a player).

Hockey is like modern day gladiator tournaments. I mean think about it. It’s full of violence, and anger, and men pumped full of testosterone beating each other with fists when they aren’t chasing around a rubber disk on ice.

It’s amazing. I have never felt such energy at any other sporting event or concert or whathaveyou as I have when I’m at a hockey game, especially Bruins games. People are insane. We cry for blood, we scream and shout when our favorite players score, we boo and jeer when the hated players score or even touch the puck (Kessel, Crosby). Nothing has ever made me feel more alive.

It’s like a totally legal and socially acceptable drug. People are often envious that you’re going. People pay big money to go. 


And just think of how they fight through pain. Hello, Patrice Bergeron anybody? That guy is amazing. He’s always been pretty awesome, but I mean you can’t fault him. And Gregory Campbell, too! That’s just to name a few amazing feats from the Bruins, but throughout the years and across the sport people have done things like this – they’ve fought on despite pain, just to ensure a win.

If you ever have an opportunity to attend a hockey game, I highly recommend it. Even if you know nothing about the game, the energy of the crowd will pick you up and give you life you didn’t know you had.